2012 Oireachtas - 11 World Qualifiers for Dunleavy Shaffer!

We are thrilled to announce that Oireachtas 2012 was a huge success for our soloists, traditional sets, ceilis and 4-hands. Congratulations to all who danced. You represented our school well both onstage and off. Go Dun Shaff!

Worlds 2013 will be held in our home region - right downtown in Boston's Hynes Convention Center - and we will be sending 11 World Qualifiers! Getting through to Worlds is no easy task and we commend each of our WQ - Brynn U11, Siobhan U13, Madeline U13, Samantha U14, Margaret U14, Haley U15 (WQ at NANs), Emma U16, Daniel U16, Hannah U17, Sydney U17 and Mark 20+. We also have several prelim girls who qualified for Nationals - congrats to Sophia & Bridget U10. Our U8 and U9 dancers are too young to qualify for Worlds, but all received great placements! A full list of the solo, team and trad set placements is shown below. Congratulations to Grace Gilmore, 6th place in Trad Set U11, our highest trad set placement this year!

We were delighted to see so many ceilis place this year, as we are hoping to bring some of these hard working groups to the World Championships as well. Special congrats go to Team Galway U8, which is made up of Advanced Beginner dancers, on their placement in the U8 ceili competition.

Solo Placements

2 WQ Madeline Ronzoni Girls U13
4 WQ Brynn Golden Girls U11
4 WQ Mark Therriault Men 20 and Over
4 WQ Daniel Charrier Boys U16
4 NQ Sarah Canniff Girls U9
5 WQ Sydney Paine Ladies U17
5 NQ Maeve Neret Girls U9
7 WQ Emma Stone Girls U16
9 WQ Siobhan Salani Girls U13
10 Anna Canniff Girls U8
12 WQ Hannah Russ Ladies U17
12 NQ Bridget Parsons Girls U10
13 WQ Samantha Leary Girls U14
13 NQ Lauren Farrell Girls U8
14 WQ Margaret Hanley Girls U14
14 NQ Sophia Coggeshall Girls U10
16 NQ Annanicole Romaine Girls U12
17 NQ Haley Johnson Girls U15
21 NQ Alice Nickles Girls U9
22 NQ Jocelyn Jernegan Girls U13
23 NQ Claire Gilliland Girls U15
29 Ciara O'Brien Girls U16
33 Kara Cruickshank Girls U16
33 Caroline Parsons Girls U15

8-Hand Ceilis

3 Team Cladagh (A) Girls Ceili U8
3 Team Annalee Mixed Ceili U8
5 Team Castletown Mixed Ceili U10
7 Team Galway (B) Girls Ceili U8
9 Team Liffey (A) Girls Ceili U10
10 Team Foyle (A) Girls Ceili 15 and Over
11 Team Lagan (B) Girls Ceili U10
14 Team Avoca Girls Ceili U12

Traditional Set Placements

9 Jacqueline McGonigle Trad Set U7B
15 Theo Wilkinson Trad Set U7B
12 Faith Ryan Trad Set U8A
11 Rachael Reynolds Trad Set U8B
12 Maeve Moriarty Trad Set U8B
11 Amanda Fleming Trad Set U9B
12 Rebecca Gustafson Trad Set U10A
16 Caroline Pozerski Trad Set U10A
14 Natalie Moore Trad Set U10B
25 Lillian Moore Trad Set U10B
10 Maeve Cleary Trad Set U11A
6 Grace Gilmore Trad Set U11B
9 Shannon Hazelton Trad Set U13A

4-hand Ceili Placements

6 Emma S, Sydney, Hannah, Ciara Girls 15+ 4-hand B
10 Brynn, Emma H, Ryan, Erin Girls U12 4-hand A
13 Caroline K, Sophia, Mary, Anna Girls U12 4-hand B
17 Emmeline, Jocelyn, Madeline, Siobhan Girls U15 4-hand B


Congratulations All Irelands Medalists Claire & Haley

Dunleavy Shaffer School proudly celebrates our two All Irelands dancers Claire G and Haley J, both in Girls 14-15. Though it was a small group for All Irelands this year, it was highly successful! Claire, Haley and Theresa (TCRG) traveled to Dublin, Ireland to compete and both came home with medals. Claire recalled in BOTH solo rounds AND the overall championship, finishing in a tie for 48th place out of over 150 dancers. This was Haley's first trip overseas and she was happy to recall in the Slipjig round and place 33rd place in that recall. Awesome job girls! Let's hope this is the start of a great year for both of you as you move on to focus on the North American Championship in July. Keep it up!


Oireachtas 2011 - Dun Shaff was Dynamite!

Congratulations to all 67 Dunleavy Shaffer dancers who participated in the New England Regional Championships 2011! You all rocked! We are so proud of everyone for the hard work you put in and the wonderful performances you gave. We had great success with our ceili teams, where 4 teams placed in the championships - two U9, one U12 and one U15. Way to go girls! We were also delighted to come away from the weekend with FIVE World Qualifiers - Madeline, Samantha, Hannah, Sydney and Mark. They are all preparing to compete at the World Championships in Belfast, Ireland in April 2012.

The main goal of the Oireachtas is for dancers to qualify for the next level of competitions - either Nationals or Worlds. Many soloists and teams qualified for Nationals (in addition to our 5 WQs) so in that regard, Oireachtas 2011 was a success! A full list of our results is below. Congratulations everyone!

Solo results

3rd & NQ Sarah Canniff, U8
4th & WQ Mark Therriault, U20
5th & WQ Madeline Ronzoni, U12
7th & WQ Sydney Paine, U16
8th & NQ Maeve Neret, U8
11th & WQ Samantha Leary, U13
13th place Erin White, U11
14th & NQ Bridget Parsons, U9
15th & NQ Meaghan Parsons, U9
16th place Emily Bartone, U15
18th place Shannon Holden, U17
20th place Siobhan Salani, U12
20th place Caroline Parsons, U14
24th place Claire Gilliland, U14
28th place Caroline Kroon, U11

Team Results

5th place Team Dublin, U9
7th place Team Belfast, U15
8th place Team Galway, U9
12th place Team Waterford, U12
12th place Kingston 4-hand, U12

Traditional Set Results

4th Mary O'Sullivan, U11A
5th Natalie Moore, U9B
5th Ciara Duggan, U13B
6th Kara Cruickshank, U15B
7th Abigail McGonigle, U7
8th Brynn Golden, U10B
11th Kaitlin Howlett, U9B
14th Ella Neret, U7
14th Meg Farley, U8B
16th Devan Kushnir, U9A
16th Shannon Hazelton, U12A
18th Jocelyn Jernegan, U12B
20th Maeve Cleary, U10A
22nd Emma Barry, U8A


Team DunShaf Rocks the All Irelands!

In February 2011, seven of Dunleavy Shaffer's top dancers traveled to Killarney, Ireland with Theresa to compete at the All Ireland Championships (the Irish Nationals). This is a highly esteemed major overseas event in the competitive Irish dance world, and two of our dancers were fortunate enough to come home with medals!

Emma Stone, Girls U15, recalled in both her solo rounds. She also recalled overall and finished an amazing 19th place out of 150 dancers in her agegroup. Emma was the 2nd-highest placing dancer from our home region of New England. Congratulations Emma!

Madeline Ronzoni, Girls U12, also recalled in both her solo rounds and overall. Madeline was just a few spots out of placing overall but finished at 34th, a great accomplishment for such a young dancer. Way to go Madeline!

Congratulations also go to our other All Ireland Championship dancers, who worked so hard and danced their very best in Killarney: Samantha Leary, Claire Gilliland, Daniel Charrier, Sydney Paine and Shannon Holden. You are all superstars in our eyes!


Success at the New England Oireachtas!

Dunleavy Shaffer Oireachtas 2010 Results

Solo Championships

2nd Daniel Charrier U14, NQ WQ
3rd Mark Therriault Men 18-20, NQ WQ
5th Madeline Ronzoni U11, NQ WQ
5th Emma Stone U14, NQ WQ
5th Bridgette Briere Senior Ladies, NQ WQ
9th Sarah Canniff U8 NQ
22nd Sydney Paine U15, NQ
28th Caroline Parsons U13, NQ
36th Amanda Lloyd U14
39th Emily Bartone U14


10th Girls Ceili U15
15th Girls Ceili U12-A
15th Girls Ceili U12-B
2nd Girls 4-hand U12-A
8th Girls 8-hand U9-A

Traditional Sets

5th Maeve Neret Trad Set U7
8th Sean Leary Trad Set U12-A
12th Ryan O'Sullivan Trad Set U9-A
13th Sophia Coggeshall Trad Set U8
15th Maeve Cleary, Traditional Set U9-A
15th Bridget Parsons Trad Set U8
16th Meaghan Parsons Trad Set U8
18th Mary O'Sullivan Trad Set U10-A
21st Jocelyn Jernegan, Trad Set U11-B
24th Amelia Browne Trad Set U10-A


Big Wins at the Nationals!

What a great Nationals for Team DunShaf!! Emma and Daniel danced their hearts out to take 6th and 9th place respectively. OMG! Madeleine, Elly & Kim placed very well in their age groups!! Bridgette, Claire, Caroline, Samantha and Mark were all so close to recalling!

Some would say that it was the influence of the Magic Kingdom, but it was really all the hours, days, weeks, and months of hard work that paid off! YOU DID IT!! We are so proud of all our dancers!

u14a Emma Stone 6th
u14 Daniel Charrier 9th
u11b Madeline Ronzoni 32nd
u18a Elly O'Leary 38th
u20a Kim Therriault 41st


2009 Oireachtas Wins!

Congratulations to our 43 dancers who competed at the 2009 New England Regional Championships! It was an amazing weekend - 5 top 10 dancers and 6 World Qualifiers!! Many more placements, detailed below! We're so proud of you! Best of luck to the WQs as they prepare for their trip to the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland March 28-April 4.

The final tally of Dunleavy Shaffer Results:

3rd, WQ, NQ Mark Therriault, Men U18
4TH, WQ, NQ Daniel Charrier, Boys U13
5th, WQ, NQ Elly O'Leary, Girls U17
7th, WQ, NQ Madeline Ronzoni, Girls U10
10th, WQ, NQ Emma Stone, Girls U13
12th, WQ, NQ Bridgette Briere, Ladies 18-20
20th, NQ Caroline Kroon, Girls U9
25th, NQ Claire Gilliland, Girls U12
26th, NQ Samantha Leary, Girls U11

(*WQ=World Qulaifier, NQ=Nationals Qualifier)

Trad Sets
2nd Ciara O'Brien, U13
4th Emily Bartone, U13
9th Shannon Nee, U17
10th Erin White, U9
12th Molly Casey, U12
13th Emmeline Endresen, U10
14th Ryan O'Sullivan, U8
15th Shea Kushnir, U9
16th Amanda Lloyd, U13
25th Caitlin O'Sullivan, U9
28th Megan Willis, U9
33rd Madison Tavares, U12

2nd 15+ Mixed 8-hand
2nd Choreography U15
5th U9 4-hand A
9th U15 Girls 4-hand A
9th 15+ Mixed 4-hand B
12th U12 4-hand A
13th U12 4-hand B


Our New Studio!

The Dunleavy Shaffer School is very proud to have its very own studio space! We are the sole tenants at 263 Washington St, Rear, in Norwell, Massachusetts. Our new home offers 1,400 square feet of dance space with custom built raised wood flooring, 3 walls of mirrors and a Bose sound system. Parents and siblings can relax in our family friendly waiting area and the lobby features a new shelf full of Dunleavy Shaffer merchandise. And, a bright Dunleavy Shaffer blue wall! We are also able to expand or change our class schedule as needed, and have already added new classes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Success at the Oireachtas!

1st/WQ: Doug LeCours, Boys U16
8th/WQ: Kasey Kahler, Ladies 20 & Over
8th/WQ: Bridgette Briere, Ladies 18-20
19th: Emma Stone, Girls U12
21st: Madeline Ronzoni, Girls U9
21st: Ellen O'Leary, Girls U16
22nd: Claire Gilliland, Girls U11
23rd: Mary Ginns, Girls U17
34th: Elizabeth Hennessey, Girls U15

17th: Madison Tavares, U11
20th: Samantha Leary, U10
21st: Maggie Nee, U12
22nd: Caitlin O'Sullivan, U8
22nd: Emmeline Endresen, U9
23rd: Shannon Nee, U15
28th: Rachel Wooley, U13
34th: Ciara O'Brien, U12
37th: Amanda Lloyd, U12
38th: Ryan O'Sullivan, U8
40th: Shea Kushnir, U8

3rd: Mixed 4-hand U12
6th: Mixed 4-hand 15 & over
9th*: Girls Ceili U9 (*8 teams placed!)
10th: Girls 4-hand U9 team A
14th: Girls 4-hand U9 team B
14th: Girls Ceili U12
17th: Girls 4-hand U12 team A

Click Here for More Oireachtas Pictures!


The U12 Team: Amanda, Sam, Madison & Maggie

U8 Traditional Set


Petri Feis

3 cheers for Madeline Ronzoni, who won her first FIRST place in the Preliminary Championships Under 9 at the Petri Feis in Smithtown, NY. Way to go, Madeline!

Summer Firsts


June was a very busy feis month for many of the Dunleavy-Shaffer dancers. Six of our Pre-Beginners participated in their FIRST feis ever! All dancing Under 5 or Under 6, they are: Maeve N, Ava N, Olivia M, Elizabeth V, Emma B and Sarah C - way to go! "Veteran" pre-beginners Kiera, Shannon and Victoria also participated. All nine dancers completed their reel and jig without any stage fright!

Special congratulations to Mary Ginns, who achieved her first FIRST place in Preliminary Championships at the Woods Feis on June 21. We are so proud of you Mary! Congrats to all of the following dancers, who received firsts in their various competitions in June: Ciara O, Emmeline E, Molly C, Shea K, Caroline K, Samantha L, Caitlin C, Ryan O, Rachel W, the U11 4-hand, Siobhan S (3 FIRSTS) and Shannon N (3 FIRSTS). Congratulations to all of you - over 35 dancers attending both Woods & Smith Houlihan feiseanna came home with placements!