Dress Code

All dancers are required to wear a Dunleavy Shaffer School t-shirt and shorts, which are available for purchase at the studio ($10-12 each). Alternatively, Irish dance t-shirts and plain black shorts or skorts may also be worn. Pants are permitted during the warm-up portion of class only. Denim and pants may not be worn. Pre-beginners are also welcome to wear leotards. Socks or tights and irish dance shoes must be worn. Dancers not in clothes fitting with this dress code will be asked to observe. Dunleavy Shaffer Gear - including socks, shorts, t-shirts, bags and more - may be purchased at class.


Soft shoes (lace up pumps known as "ghillies") may be purchased at the distributors below. Beginners and pre-beginners may start with ballet slippers for the first few weeks. All dancers of advanced beginner grade or above will require hard shoes.

The following distributors are accessible online and by phone and make regular appearances at local feisanna:
Fay's Shoes: www.fayshoes.com
Rutherford Shoes: www.rutherford.com

Locally, the following distributors sell various brands of shoes that you may try on close to home:
Mary Devlin, A Taste of Ireland, (781) 329-3008
Girls Apparel for Sports, 273 Willard Street, Quincy, (617) 770-4237